Latest News — 09 Sep 2015


The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) notes, without surprise, the tricks being displayed by the obsolete COSATU General Secretary and his ilk in their hollow attempts to confuse workers,  in yet another attempt at usurping the federation.

In their recent attempt, they convened poorly attended, so-called Workers’ Summit, which is aimed at fuelling dissent within the federation,  in Johannesburg.

This meeting, attended by both senior FEDUSA and NACTU leadership is a typical demonstration that Vavi and his lapdogs within NUMSA are hell-bent on sowing disunity, despite the recent COSATU Special National Congress which had ushered a new chapter in defining consensus among workers.

The same Vavi and NUMSA have lodged appeals to COSATU on their expulsions, yet, on the other hand they have self-imposingly become the front-runners in destabilising our labour movement. We want to categorically state that by their actions, they have effectively rendered their appeals null and void!

As much as unity is not an event, but a process, the COSATU Special National Congress has come out clearly in the way with which we are to conduct ourselves onwards, and that collective call is being heeded to by all affiliates.

We call on all workers to remain united amidst this faded storm and continue refusing to be misled by these roguish manipulators.

Let us close ranks and defend our federation.


Issued by POPCRU on 08/09/2015


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