Subsequent to the Principal directive on the commitment in resolving all outstanding matters within the PSA, the employer requested a special SSSBC Council meeting.

This meeting was held on the 18th of August 2017 at 13h00 and all involved parties were present.

The employer tabled a working proposal with regards to the approach to handle the outstanding matters in relation to the grading of the Public Service Act posts, including the 10111 Call Centre operators collectively.

POPCRU agreed with the proposal that indicated a consolidated approach in dealing with these outstanding matters, and to afford the employer an opportunity to draw up a detailed working document and a roadmap leading to the negotiations.
Parties agreed that the process of negotiations shall resume on the 28th – 31st of August 2017

In the very meeting, SAPU indicated that they are not willing to enter into negotiations with the employer on all Public Service negotiations, and further indicated that their interest was only with 10111 employees and not any other matters. They further proposed that conciliation should be held to deal exclusively with the 10111 matters.

POPCRU opposed the narrow view by SAPU, indicating that they withdrew themselves from the CCMA settlement and that they did not sign the protocol of principals as directed by the CCMA settlement agreement.

This CCMA agreement outlined that parties should commit to a process of work.

We therefore have confidence in the negotiation process, we believe it will yield positive outcomes that will address all outstanding matters relating to the Public Service Act personnel, inclusive of 10111 members.

We will keep you updated on any developments here forth.


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