Recent News — 17 Mar 2014

The arrest of two traffic officers in Upington in the Northern Cape has deeply aggrieved the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU). The pair was arrested by the anti-corruption unit for allegedly pulling over a man who was speeding and instructed him to pay them a R1000 bribe. The organisation takes such allegations seriously as they not only portray the affected officers in a bad light but also their colleagues in all traffic departments. Many of these officers work hard each day to ensure that the current image of Traffic employees across the country changes.

POPCRU supports government’s initiatives which are aimed at eliminating the presence of corruption in all private and public institutions. We also hold our members by the same standards as we do any employee whose sole responsibility is to provide service to members of the public. We encourage our members to refrain from partaking in criminal activities as their mandate is to serve the South African public and not demand bribes from them.

The organisation is also confident that the members accused of bribery will be afforded an opportunity to share their side of the story and that all disciplinary measures will be according to approved procedures. POPCRU is committed to contributing to a crime-free South Africa.

Issued by POPCRU on 17/03/2014

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