International News — 21 Feb 2017

Gambia, alongside Burundi and South Africa, was one of three African countries to announce it’s withdrawal from the ICC this year, with Namibia and Kenya rumoured to be close at their heels. However, Gambia’s newly elected President Adama Barrow told various media outlets that there is no need for Gambia to leave the court (January 2017). This is seen as the new president’s populist stance to please the west but also allow the court to prosecute his predecessor, Yahya Jammeh’s on his behalf. While there is no consensus in the AU to leave the ICC as an organisation, several African countries, including Zambia, Botswana, Tanzania, Malawi, Sierra Leone, Senegal and Nigeria have opposed withdrawal from the court and South Africa’s notice of withdrawal from the ICC was considered a particular blow to the court since South Africa was one of the court’s founding members and among its strongest supporters. The ICC in its current form is used against African leaders when there are many criminals such as Israel who are neither investigated nor charged.


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