General — 23 May 2014

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union [POPCRU] in Limpopo Province welcomes the appointment of the new Executive Council of the Provincial Government headed by comrade Stan Mathabatha as premier.  We believe the team of tried and tested cadres that has been appointed is well disposed towards serving our people in terms of the overwhelming mandate that, our movement, the ANC received during the May 7 General Elections.  POPCRU also takes this opportunity to congratulate all the public representatives of our people elected in the Limpopo legislature on the responsibility they have been entrusted with by our people.

We are also heartened by the reconfiguration of Departments to improve and prepare for better service delivery to the people of Limpopo Province in particular, and all South Africans in general. POPCRU is particularly encouraged by the reconfiguration of all safety and security cluster departments into one department of Transport, Safety and Liaison. This has been our longstanding call as POPCRU that all departments which deal with matters of the safety and security of our people should be coordinated from one department rather than the disparate manner in which they previously operated. It is POPCRU’s view that this has been a correct decision by the Provincial Government to bring the Traffic directorate together with the other state law enforcement agencies.


Issued by POPCRU Limpopo on 23 May 2014

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Hangwani Mashao

Limpopo Secretary

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