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The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) joins the millions of workers across the globe in celebrating May Day as an international occasion  affirming and celebrating the dignity of labour and uniting workers of the world in a common struggle for peace and socio-economic progress.

We know too well that the fight against slavery precedes the modern day workers’ struggles, otherwise termed as ‘modern day slavery’, pointing out to the fact that under an evolving capitalist mode of production, the highest stage of imperialism,  the life of man is but a struggle for the attainment of a better life. For so long as capitalism exists, the struggle for workers’ rights shall continue.

As we remember the many heroic struggles by our predecessors that were fought through blood and sweat, POPCRU finds solace in the fact that workers and the working class refuse to be sold to the highest bidder by those preaching revolutionary rhetoric with the sole purpose of dividing the union movement.

We know too well that workers shall not be defocused by the so-called Summit being called to convened by our detractors over the coming weekend, simply because it is not aimed at addressing workers’ issues but to address individual egos, for their sole benefit.

We urge workers to rally behind a summit that would discuss issues around the rising cost of living, exorbitant bank charges and the unemployment rate amongst other challenges we face.

The union calls for harmony amongst the workers, the South African working class and the continent over, a pre-condition which will allow dialogue towards exposing the real enemy, being monopoly capital which has over decades exploited our labour power value.

As we attend the COSATU May Day rallies across the country this Sunday, we should be more determined to expose the false notion that seeks to suggest weaknesses on our part.  We are resolute in fighting relentlessly for our workers’ rights and defending our trade union federation COSATU!

Let us defend the unity of the workers, Let us defend the unity of COSATU!!!


Issued by POPCRU 28/04/2016


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