The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) urge motorists who will be travelling to different destinations across and beyond our country to drive with caution during this year’s Easter weekend.

From this afternoon, our roads across the country will be much busier as thousands embark mainly on religious pilgrimages, therefore causing increased traffic volumes which almost always yield in increased fatalities.

It was announced in the past year that more than 330 people had lost their lives during the Easter weekend, with most casualties occurring between midnight and 5am, where human errors remain the dominant causal factor. This demonstrated an unfortunate 51% increase in the number of fatalities from those of 2016.

Noting that Friday 30 March and Monday 2 April are public holidays, it is expected that roads will be more congested, it is important that any motorists who are planning to be on the country’s roads during these times are aware that there may be heavier than normal traffic on their route. The most important element of driving during this time is the correct attitude on the roads; drivers must obey the rules of the road, respect other motorists, and ensure their own, and their passengers’ safety, going to, and returning from their destinations.

We urge motorists to also ensure their vehicles are in good condition, wear seatbelts at all times, rest when they are tired, obey speed limits, be courteous and considerate of other drivers,

It is only under these conditions that road fatalities can be brought under control.

We would like to further with all traffic officials who will be dedicating their time to the safety of all South Africans the best of luck in their demanding role, while under dissatisfactory conditions they find themselves.


Issued by POPCRU on 29/03/2018


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