Latest News — 29 May 2015

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) has noted with shock the ruling by Judge Selby Baqwa to grant Clive Derby-Lewis parole.

In his last parole application, Derby-Lewis lied about his condition by using pseudonyms which belong to other patients, aimed at mobilising sympathy on his part.

He has not come clean as to whom they were working with leading to the assassination of Cde Chris Hani, and in that regard we do not see how he has repented. Never once has he shown any remorse for the deeds he participated in.

As POPCRU, we are deeply saddened by this ruling feel the South African people and the Hani family have not only been robbed of a leader and father, but also of the truth. Today is indeed a sad day in the history of South Africa.

Issued by POPCRU on 29/05/2015


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