Latest News Recent News — 23 May 2017

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) notes as unfortunate and regressive the increasing number of unfortunate women and child abuses that have marred our communities over the past weeks.

Child abuse and sexual domestic violence are among the most destructive experiences afflicting not only women and children, but perpetuate this trend as normality among our young. They are among the most pervasive violations of human rights in the world, among the least prosecuted crimes, and among the greatest threats to lasting peace and development.

The wide prevalence of such violence takes an enormous toll on the lives of individual victims as well as the larger society through innumerable behavioural, health, psychological and economic consequences.

If left unattended, these human rights violations will inevitably pose serious consequences for the current and future generations’ relations.

We call on all men to stand up against the abuse of women and children.



Issued by POPCRU on 19/05/2017


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