Latest News Recent News — 25 May 2017

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) is eagerly looking forward to the upcoming COSATU Central Committee (CC) meeting that is to be convened next week from the 29th of May to the 1st of June 2017 at Irene.

This platform is aimed at furthering the aims and objectives of the federation by means of resolution between meetings of national congress, and in this sense we are adamant that among our priorities going forward will be the need to foster worker solidarity among affiliates and beyond by way of reaffirming our congress positions of prioritising member issues in all our efforts.

Based on the fact that COSATU and its affiliates remain committed to their obligation towards advancing a program to build our organisation on the ground through ensuring that leaders, organisers and shop stewards spend their time and the resources of its affiliates in servicing workers at the workplace, we are content that the upcoming Central Committee will deliberate in detail the primary goals of ensuring we defend our workers’ interests.

We wish to reiterate that COSATU remains independent and is conscious of the dangers of being co-opted by employers and politicians, and will continue to strike a balance between the immediate concerns of our members and the need for stability and our national development without subordinating each to the other.

We will continue to build and strengthen our program towards the attainment of a national democratic revolution, ensure a more visible role of workers within the state and the economy, agitate for government to continue increasing social expenditure, fight against unfair dismissals and retrenchments of workers, heighten the campaign for the total banning of labour brokers, advocate for equal pay for equal work, review promotion policies, shift patterns, danger allowances, the implementation of OSDs and the nationalisation of traffic.

The fight against corruption within our ranks and in general society is among the priorities we should undertake in ensuring state resources are utilised for their immediate aims, and the fight against the police killings, women and child abuses must be confronted through the initiation of joint campaigns.

We urge all workers to look beyond the headlines and remain firm as COSATU remains the only vehicle with which worker’s interests and worker solidarity can be guaranteed for their economic emancipation, and remain confident that we will walk out of the CC a united collective more determined in prioritising worker issues beyond all.

Our unity is our strength!

Issued by POPCRU on 25/05/2017


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