Latest News Press Statement — 20 Feb 2019

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) joins other progressive trade unions and South Africans in condemning the Israeli-led attempt to take over our dairy company Clover Industries.

The Israeli company in question is the notorious Central Bottling Company (CBC).

It is our understanding that the South African partner in this sinister move, Brimstone Investments, has taken a decision to “review” its participation in the deal, which was largely influenced by the response of our vibrant civil society, in opposition of this move. 

Because of our convictions and support for internationalism and the Palestinian people, we support the call to “actively initiate, support and or join the call for direct-action and a militant but peaceful campaign, including protests and disruptions, against Clover and a boycott of all its products” being made by the broader South African civil society if this take-over of Clover by the Israeli Company CBC goes through.

Like many companies during Apartheid in South Africa, the Central Bottling Company (CBC) is a beneficiary and co-conspirator of the Palestinian’s oppression at the hands of the rogue Apartheid state of Israel and should not be allowed to practice its shady business in South Africa.

We are keeping a close eye on developments and ready to act when the necessary time comes. We call on the South African state to do all it can to oppose this deal which, as has been explained, is not actually a benefit to South Africa or our workers. It is very likely that the Israeli corporation will introduce measures that will lead to job losses as is the case with other foreign take overs.

Issued by POPCRU on 20/02/2019


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