The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) notes with shock the allegations put forth by the head of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid) Robert Mc Bride, alleging there are 10 top generals in the South African Police Service (SAPS) being investigated for alleged corruption involving billions of rands.

This presents a challenge in that since these people are currently in their positions, they might interfere with investigations, which will further add to the misplaced narrative that paints all SAPS members as corrupt.

For the fact that Mr Mc Bride made these stunning revelations, we are of the view that the national Police Commissioner should have been taken into confidence, and as such, are further of the view that the 10 who are alleged to be under investigation should have by now been dealt with under the SAPS disciplinary regulation 1/2016 which applies to any persons employed by the SAPS Act of 1995 or the Public Service Act of 1994, which excludes the National Commissioner and the 9 Provincial Commissioners.

The above regulations apply to members of senior management as well, and it can therefore never be acceptable that they are exempted from these disciplinary regulations.

One of the principles of this regulation contained in paragraph 4(b) states that discipline must be applied in a prompt, fair, consistent and progressive manner, and it can no longer be that only junior members are the ones targeted by this expeditious process which has seen many being suspended or dismissed for less serious misconducts while those at managerial level, as in the alleged claims made by Mr Mc Bride, are easily let off the hook.

For as long as the alleged misconducts are of a serious nature, and falls within the ambits of regulation 5 (4), it must be ensured that the expeditious process is initiated against the 10 generals as they are not an exception to the rule.

We cannot allow allegations such as these to simply wither away. Many of our police officials continue to die on a regular basis due to the shortage of their tool of trade, the SAPS continues to be downsized, police stations continue to be under resourced, the infrastructural integrity of police stations continue to dilapidate, members’ living are worsening due to the lack of promotions, grade progressions, rank translations, and salary increments among others. These genuine demands have not been considered for a long time now, while those in the top echelons of the bloated SAPS management continue to live in comfort, while others are rumoured to be looting.

We demand clarity from the National Police Commissioner on what the current status of these generals is. We further demand their immediate suspension form the positions they hold.

POPCRU will be having a National March on the 13th of July 2018 to mark, among others, our long-held concerns over the fact that we have less than 200 thousand police officials having to look after a population of 57 million, the demand for a single policing service, the end to police killings, the restructuring of the SAPS, the demand for promotions and the finalisation of grading of PSA appointees levels and many other challenges faced by traffic and correctional officials.

Issued by POPCRU on 30/05/2018


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