The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) congratulates COSATU on having hosted a successful 13th National Congress.

We are quiet hopeful that the elected leadership collective’s priorities will be centred on building the much needed workers unity in our common quest to deepen the back to basics campaign, consolidate the struggle for the national democratic revolution and advance the struggle for socialism.

We come out of this 13th Congress more eager towards ensuring that we advance a program to build our unions on the ground, ensuring that all leaders, organisers and shop stewards spend most of their time and the resources of the organisation servicing workers at the workplace and that our primary interest is centred on defending workers’ interests.

We assert that the task of building stronger workplace unions and our federation COSATU must be anchored by the intensification on an ongoing campaign that ensures the satisfaction of our membership, and our common demonstration of unity should be based on robust and comradely engagements, unity which is anchored on the founding principles of the federation including the principle of collective leadership and democratic centralism.

To this end, POPCRU will be working with all its might to defend and promote these ideals within its ranks and beyond.


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