General — 12 May 2014

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) congratulates the African National Congress on its 62.15% win in the fifth general elections that received a 73% voter turn-out.  The people of South Africa have again confirmed their confidence in the country’s most progressive political party. Although the party targeted a two-thirds majority, we are overwhelmed by the victory.

Over the past twenty years we have seen a transformed South Africa under the ANC-led government and we believe a lot will be achieved in the next five years of President Jacob Zuma’s new administration. POPCRU is confident that the moving manifesto launched by the ruling party before the elections will then come to life. We would like to thank all citizens who exercised their democratic right by voting the only political party that prioritises the improvement of the lives of its people. We are also certain that our members have voted the ANC in an effort to defend the strides made by this progressive movement in advancing the criminal justice cluster. We are however dismayed that the ANC has lost the Western Cape to the Democratic Alliance (DA), a party which will continue to side-line the working class and the poor.

We are pleased that there was a general atmosphere of peace and tolerance, despite a few protests and a violent incident reported in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Our members in the South African Police Service together with SA Army outdid themselves in ensuring free and fair elections and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere throughout. We were also gratified with our members at the Department of Correctional Services who assisted IEC Electoral Officers while conducting elections in South African prisons. This proves that indeed South Africa is a free country that allows all citizens to exercise this valuable right regardless of circumstance.

We cannot turn a blind eye on all those who campaigned for the ANC, especially our staff members who participated in Blitz campaigns. Their hard work has reaped 264 seats in the National Assembly. We further congratulate the leaders of COSATU affiliated unions that will be making their way to Parliament and expect them to move forward the mandate of the South African working class.

Issued by POPCRU 12 May 2014

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