Latest News — 30 Mar 2015

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union [POPCRU] condemns the factionalist conduct of Zwelinzima Vavi who is currently pulling with him a huge baggage which portrays a clear view of someone who has politically expired. We condemn his factionalist conduct by all means necessary. He labels others as factionalists when he himself factionally mobilises a section of the federation’s affiliates and non-affiliates to rebel against COSATU which was paralysed by himself.

COSATU and the workers are dealing with someone who has and continues to fail to engage and debate relevant issues within the Federation’s structures and chooses to play victim yet he is the habitual perpetrator in the cause of havoc in the federation. He has failed to position COSATU to be an oppositionist federation within the Alliance when we know that he has politically crossed the floor. He failed to get rid of the Affiliates’ leadership who disagreed with him which was his agenda pre-COSATU’s 11th congress.

Towards the ANC’s 53rd National Conference in 2012 he, through his proxies, mobilised to install himself as the ANC Deputy President and the heir apparent to take over the ANC in 2017 and government in 2019. In his shallow and superficial political thinking, everything in the federation or within the Alliance should be about him or to his favour. If it does not happen his way, everything should collapse. He was requested to go and make presentations to the SizweNtsalubaGobodo Auditors which made far-reaching findings about him and instead of complying, he presents COSATU documents to the media.

The questions that should be answered are what  is he up to, for whom or on whose behalf is he acting whilst he deceitfully claims to work for the workers? When his wicked and counter-revolutionary activities failed dismally, he is now on a campaign for the Alliance’s destruction and ultimate split. If he believes in the democratic centralism as he claims, he should have presented his argument in the Federations’ constitutional structures than to be rebellious and abusing the platform created for him in the media.

Vavi must come and give account in the COSATU Central Executive Committee meeting (CEC) and to the workers for deliberately neglecting his responsibilities and duties by absconding the previous gatherings.

Issued by POPCRU 30 March 2015

For more information contact:

Nkosinathi Theledi
POPCRU General Secretary
082 567 7803.


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