The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) calls on all members of the police service to safeguard and defend Polmed, a police medical scheme which remains the best in our country.

We are aware of plans by certain individuals and trifling groupings who consistently try, without accomplishment, to derail the progress made relating to promoting our members’ proper healthcare service as provided by Polmed, which is ranked among the top 4 medical aid schemes in the world.

For our many police officials, Polmed remains the affordable and well-administered medical aid scheme in our country, and we will not stand idle in the face of these ulterior motives to have it taken for curatorship.

This intended collapse of Polmed is but a desperate plan aimed at creating negative consequences towards the well-being of our members, ignoring the fact that it continues to provide the best medical options for both functional and retired members.

Contrary to the gossip-mongering and misleading, desperate statements perpetrated, since 2012, it is worth noting that Polmed has held annual general meetings where its financial reports and annual reports have been tabled and adopted, and its democratic practices are still upheld in a transparent manner.

There are rules and regulations in Polmed that dictate how issues or disputes need to be raised. Other imperative parts of these rules are found on rules 18 Governance, 19 Duties of Board of Trustees and 20 Powers of the Board of Trustees, inclusive of rule 29 which deals with the dissolution of the scheme and the processes to be followed therein.

Currently there is no Court ruling that talks to the dissolution of the Scheme, and the AGM has not pronounced itself on the dissolution. These rules were adopted and confirmed by the Registrar for Medical Aid Schemes and they remain legitimate.

It is in this context that we say all these envisaged actions and negative pronouncements against Polmed and its board of trustees are in reality misleading, unfortunate, unfounded and baseless. A factual report is to be tabled at the AGM, and we cannot therefore entertain any form of gossip.
Nomination processes have been concluded on the 15th of June 2017 and as progressive organisation all Popcru candidates that were presented are duly nominated by the members.

Pre-voting process will be conducted on the 19th of July 2017 where the democratic process will be opened for all Polmed members to cast their votes towards the appointment of the Board of Trustees. Voting stations will be opened for all Polmed members at Head Office of SAPS, PC Offices and Cluster Accounting Stations. The voting process will be closed at 22:00 on the voting day.

Another voting process will be opened at the AGM for all those who could not cast their votes at the levels mentioned above.
We urge all Popcru members to and attend the AGM in their numbers.

The Annual General Meeting is scheduled to take place on the 28th of July 2017 at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium, Mixed zone, 70 Prince Alfred Road (use Fettes Road Entrance), North End in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. It is in this AGM where we are going to have robust discussions chanting the way forward to taking Polmed forward.

It is incumbent upon us to defend our Polmed in pursuit for providing better healthcare for all SAPS members and their families including our retired members.


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