Latest News — 22 Jan 2015

The Police and Prisons Civil rights Union in Limpopo Province is concerned about the lawlessness which has accompanied the demand for a Municipality by the Malamulele community. While we acknowledge everyone’s right to protest and demonstrate as provided for in the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the Republic, those rights come with the responsibility to respect the rights of fellow citizens. This has been glaringly lacking in so far as the Malamulele protests are concerned. The question whether Malamulele should be a separate Municipality from Thulamela or not is a matter that is being considered by the Municipal Demarcation Board. We urge patience while the government does its work with regard to this matter.

The fresh protests have been going on almost for two weeks this year, during which learners and students have been denied the right to education. Citizens have been denied the right to go about their ordinary everyday activities with no indication when this inconvenience would end. We are particularly disturbed by the violent and lawless nature of the protests. Law enforcement officers who have been working very hard to maintain order have also come under attack. A POPCRU member, Daisy Baloyi is in hospital recovering from the injuries sustained during the operations to maintain peace, while another member, Hasani Malele is recovering at home.

We have also learnt with dismay that an ambulance picking up a patient was attacked at Shigalo Village. This constitutes cruelty of the highest order. We encourage our members to continue to maintain the law and not allow our country to generate into a state of anarchy and lawlessness.

POPCRU is calling for peaceful protests and demonstration to advance whatever demands any sector of the community may be. We further make a call to the leadership of the tripartite alliance who are involved in the Malamulele Task Team to observe organizational discipline and be guided by decisions that have been taken in the structures of the alliance without any narrow or biased interests.

Issued by POPCRU 22/01/2015

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Hangwani Mashao
POPCRU Limpopo Secretary
Cell: 0824924798


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