Latest News — 16 Apr 2015

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) in KwaZulu-Natal strongly condemns the barbaric and unhuman behaviour of attacking the foreign nationals. As a Union, which its members are tasked with the duty of enforcing law in South Africa – we would like to sensitise members of the public in all communities that the constitution of the Republic of South Africa recognises the human dignity, the achievement of equality and advancement of human rights and freedom of all who live in South Africa as a fundamental to the fabric of the Nation. Therefore anyone acting contrary to these values is in contravention of the constitution.

In light of the above clarity, the police should do whatever it takes to the best of their ability to ensure that those involved are arrested and sentenced to serve long term imprisonment. We further appeal to all law abiding citizens not to sit back and fold arms, but to report these violent incidents to the nearest police stations or call (10111).

We also want to commend the men and women in blue for a job well done since the outbreak of these attacks on our brothers and sisters which we find hard to define as xenophobia, but observe it as Black on Black violence. We also want to appeal to all community structures such as community policing forums, religious groups, traditional authorities and all forms of progressive civil society to join hands and collectively work together to normalise the situation.

Noting that this outbreak has stretched out the workforce of SAPS, we call upon the South African Police Service in KwaZulu Natal province to put extra efforts to effectively deal with the situation until it returns to normal. The basic equipments and work requirements such as overtime budget and bullet proof vests should be readily made available.

POPCRU is pleased to know that the South African Police Services has deployed an additional 800 police officers to curb this mayhem. We  should not forget that our neighbouring countries which these foreign nationals come from provided our freedom fighters refugee status during the hard times of apartheid in South Africa. The least we can do is to accommodate them and treat them with respect and dignity they deserve. We however, call on the government to look into the Immigration laws and take precocious measures where necessary to strengthen them.

Issued by POPCRU 16/04/2015

For more information contact:

POPCRU KZN Provincial Secretary
Kwenza Nxele


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