Latest News — 30 Jul 2015

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) is frantic about the recent spate of Police killings having taken place over the last month.

With the killing of two Police officers in Vosloorus today, the recent killings of Constables Myeza and Mafokoane respectively, and many other senseless killings taking place on our highways, shopping malls and elsewhere, it has come to our attention that these criminals will stop at nothing in undertaking their malevolent deeds. They have took it upon themselves to butcher the very people who are protecting our communities, and therefore attempting to render our communities as criminal blisses.

Countless dedicated officers have lost their lives at the mercy of criminals wielding AK-47s. Such a state of affairs will come to an end! Police must act decisively in this regard.

We send out a strong message in condemning these attacks, and want to advise and assure any would-be criminals that the Police will use any necessary means possible when confronted with such characters. Police will no longer be killed while having their weapons at their disposal, and there shall be no mercy to anyone feeling bold enough to point any form of firearm at police. We also call upon the Police management across the country to ensure that our Police members are properly armed and well-resourced to defend themselves and innocent citizens. We shall not sit back and watch our country being hijacked by these criminal elements who continue to turn our children into orphans.

Our members remain committed to living up to the vision of the Police service in creating a safer and secure society, and in this regard we call on government to implement stricter gun laws and harsher punishments to non-abiding citizens.

We are also of the view that the current socio-economic challenges the majority of our people find themselves are part of the contributory factors promoting the social ills we witness daily, and necessary steps need to be taken forth in building a more equitable society for the benefit of all.


Issued by POPCRU on 29/07/2015

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