Collective Bargaining — 03 Jul 2017

Resolution 1 of 2017

Agreement on the amendments/improvements of certain existing pension benefits and creation of new benefits.  This signed agreement amend GEPF rule in order to give  effect to the following funeral benefits:

  • member pension and spouse from R7500 to R15000
  • Eligible children and stillborn from R3000 to R6000.

The board of trustees of GEPF will review funeral benefit levels every two years.

The child pension benefit will be paid up until the age of 22.

The resolution has also amended the application of clean break principle from the debt approach to the service adjustment approach.  The GEPF will amend its law and  rules in doing away with the concept of debt and interest in the appointment of pension benefit on divorce and instead by adjusting the member service following of the divorce settlement by the fund.  We encourage members to acquaint themselves with the rest of the Resolution.


Resolution 2 of 2017

Agreement on the threshold and the procedure for the granting of organisational rights within the public service.

This signed agreement regulates how organisational rights are granted in the public service to minimise the proliferation of mushrooming unions in the public service and put emphasis on section 18 of the LRA.


Resolution 3 of 2017

Negotiation protocol agreement: Wage negotiation process.

This agreement regulates negotiation protocol in the PSCBC. We encourage members to acquaint themselves with the rest of the Resolution.


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