Collective Bargaining — 30 Jun 2017

Settlement agreement on recognition of experience
• On the 13th of June, there was a Chamber meeting held between POPCRU and the employer.
• Discussions were oriented on the implementation of the OSD 2nd phase settlement agreement Resolution 1 of 2016
• Employer indicated that there was an overpayment and an underpayment of officials, and that there were other officials who qualified, but were mistakenly not paid
• Employer indicated that they were aware of the situation, and busy rectifying the inconsistencies
• As per our last Special Departmental Bargaining Chamber held on the 16th of May, as labour we requested that the employer provides letters to all employees qualifying and not qualifying. Unfortunately that had not happened by the time the meeting took place on the 13th of June 2017.
• On the 13th of June 2017, we agreed that the due date for submitting the letters should be on the 30th of June 2017 as this is the final date for the finalisation of the OSD. This also includes those who have exited the department through resignations or deaths.
• We are currently awaiting the employer to issue the letters, and we will be updating you beyond this point.


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