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The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) welcomes the move by the state to request the Magistrate to recuse himself on the matter of Mr Paul O’Sullivan, which was heard today at the Kempton Park Magistrate Court.

The state Advocate argued that the magistrate, Mr Nel, must recuse himself primarily on two reasons, firstly, that he made utterances of a political nature when he was adjudicating on the application by Mr O’Sullivan to have his bail application relaxed. Secondly, that Mr Nel was seen by the investigator, Captain Mkupa, in the company of the defence attorney, Mr Furman.

We have always maintained that Mr O’Sullivan has ulterior motives in his “white knight” activities in the country. His reasons to stay in this country have always been to advance the course of white oppression and privilege.

We do know that in his application for permanent residence Mr O’Sullivan stated that: “I so want to stay in this country, which I love so much and I believe it is one of the few countries left in the world that is not riddled with communist inspired unions and unsettlement”. Mr O’Sullivan, in his motivation, continued to state that: “This is still a Christian country and as a Christian [church of England] I feel it is the ideal environment to raise a family”.

It is also of concern that his application in 1982 was facilitated by a Member of Parliament [House of Assembly], Mr Watson, who nudged the Director General of Internal Affairs at the time to consider O’Sullivan’s application. The motivation by the erstwhile MP Mr Watson, was equally appalling. He stated: “I first met Mr O’Sullivan in the UK in an ex-serviceman’s club, Mr Frank Martin, Senior M.E.C. in Natal about two years ago [meaning in 1980]. He was keen to settle in S.A. Intelligent, well-educated and of a very conservative political attitude I believe he would be a very useful addition to the white community of our country. Upon conversation with him, it appears that he has voluntarily undergone military services overseas, and is very familiar with modern armoured weaponry. If allowed to remain in S.A. he would be very willing to undertake military services”.

It is abundantly clear that Mr O’Sullivan’s main purpose to “settle” in this country was mainly to destabilise the progressive forces of this country in pre-1994 era. His association with opposition parties, namely, AgangSA and the DA, that advance white privilege is therefore, not surprising.

We strongly urge that the relevant state organs to fully investigate his application for citizenship and to withdraw such as he is bent to destabilise this country. We now understand even better as to why he is targeting senior law enforcement officials in this country. We even understand why the current case against him of using multiple passports is not a minor case as the community is made out to believe. His usage of multiple passports is akin to agents who serve interests other than those of their country.

Judgement in the recusal application is reserved till Friday and we expect that the magistrate should do the right thing and recuse himself.

As for the accused, O’Sullivan, the progressive forces may march him out or urge that he must leave this country before we frogmarch him out.

Issued by POPCRU on 02/08/2016

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