Latest News — 25 Jun 2015

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) finds it disheartening that Former President De Klerk still believes in apartheid being a conducive policy to be continued against the peace loving people of Palestine.

When, for example, fighting patriarchy, one would not encourage those negatively affected (women) to discuss the issue among themselves, but to rather include men in the discussions for the purpose of men understanding the effects thereof from a female perspective, and in that regard, being part of finding solutions in effecting change that recognises women’s rights as equal partners.

In this regard, the oppressor must form part of the discourse with the oppressed if any progress is to be made.

By De Klerk claiming the sanctions against Israel would be counter-productive is equivalent to regretting the end of South African apartheid, and as an apartheid President himself, we would have thought he would take a different posture towards what is currently happening in Palestine.

Sanctions against South Africa played an instrumental role in forcing business to arrange negotiations between the Apartheid regime and the ANC-led alliance, and therefore would have perhaps shaped the country in a different manner had they not taken place. It would have meant the regime would have continued funding the terrorism and killings of black South Africans for longer.

In the midst of daily killings of the Palestinian people, our view is that De Klerk is not rehabilitated from his ‘glorious’ past, and should be stripped off his Nobel Peace award.

How shameful it is that the Democratic Alliance insists on honouring this man who still has firm beliefs in apartheid. Again, being that the DA emanates from the National Party resembles can only confirm it runs in the family.


Issued by POPCRU on 25/06/2015


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