Latest News — 22 Aug 2015

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) finds mind-wobbling the fact that the advocacy groups Freedom Under Law and Corruption Watch have on numerous occasions been found to dismally fail in acting impartially when it relates to their application of what they term ‘law’.

David Lewis’ claim that we should all get worried about the National Prosecuting Authority smacks of sheer ignorance for the simple reason that his and Judge Kriegler’s posture suggests the opposite of whatever agenda they are driving.

Kriegler goes further to correctly state that a lawyer who lies to the court is unfit to be a lawyer, while they, including Paul Hoffman, have demonstrated to be selective in their shoddy outcries.

They were given complaints of a finding by the Pretoria magistrate against Gerrie Nel for lying under oath, a similar point they are currently raising against Nomcobo Jiba, yet they never acted at all when it came to Nel.

The same Gerrie Nel was recently implicated as having authorised the spying on of NPA offices. None of the two deemed it fit that the nation should be worried.

Hoffman on the other hand has made it his preoccupation to fight against the appointment of certain judges, displayed his fictitious foul-cry at the Seriti commission, he was silent on allegations against Gerrie Nel and probably the loudest voice on similar allegations against Richard Mdluli, Jiba and Mrwebi.

The same Hoffman had opened charges against the Chief Justice for having said there was a dire need for transformation of the judiciary, a case he dismally failed in. He continues to make biased utterances against the current administration whilst having shielded the corruption allegations against Glynnys Breytenbach who ran to the DA for cover when the net was closing in on her.

They were quiet

when the Democratic Alliance challenged the appointment of Menzi Simelane as NDPP head, despite the fact that there were credibility issue raised. Why should Nxasana be exempted when credibility issues are raised and acted on in this regard? Is it because he has been refused a security clearance by the State Security or on the basis that he shielded the DA’s shady Glynnys Breightenbach? Or is is because he has been, knowingly or unknowingly, converted into their lapdog for furthering their quest to capture the NPA and the judiciary for their selfish ends? Only time will tell.

Advocacy groupings such as the FUL are steadily disregarding the principle of impartiality in their application of the law insofar as targeting to challenge decisions mainly taken by black judges, therefore creating an impression that the latter were appointed not on the basis of merit, but colour. Their attitude towards transformation has been exposed, they serve as its impediment.

Issued by POPCRU on 21/08/2015


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