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The Police and Prisons Civil Right Union (POPCRU) is highly perturbed by the behaviour of EFF parliamentarians at the National Assembly this past week. POPCRU believes that the rowdy behaviour of the newbie Parliamentarians illustrates the just what these hoodlums thinks of one of the country’s highest Legislative Body. South African is a democratic country and all the rights of individuals in the Republic are protected in the constitution. These rights includes those of politicians in parliament to express the views of their constituencies in a robust manner, however it becomes a catastrophic problem when MPs create chaos and anarchy under the auspices of robust Parliamentary engagement. It is indicative of the party in question’s immaturity and recklessness when dealing with issues of national importance.

POPCRU fears that if this anarchy is left unchallenged by the authorities, our institutions along with the rest of the country will be rendered toothless and ineffective. Parliament has an important role to play in carrying out the mandate of millions of South Africans who vote, therefore delaying its work through antics such as what was witnessed equals to a waste of time a country at work such as ours cannot afford. We appeal with South Africans to see the EFF for what it is, a desperate attempt by a group of unhinged power mongers to force their way into the public discourse through lawlessness and disruption.

We are perturbed by the behaviour of the Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela who had send a letter to President Jacob Zuma over her report on Nkandla. Her actions do not start now. When she was supposed to release the preliminary report, she made noise in public claiming that she did not know to present the report. When ultimately she presented the report to Parliament, she was in the media platform almost every day talking about that report. Her responsibility is to conduct investigations and present her findings and recommendations to the relevant offices. The timing of her sending the letter to the President is really questionable. Her actions seem to be hard-pressed by ulterior intentions planned to drive a particular political agenda.

POPCRU further agrees that indeed a Parliamentary Process through the ad-hoc committee should deal with the matter thoroughly and the Public Protector should therefore respect that process. POPCRU has faith in the systems and processes put in place to deal with matters of this nature and urges everyone to desist from making unfounded conclusions on the matter until Parliament shares its pronouncement with the nation.

Issued by POPCRU 25/08/2014

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