First Deputy President

1st Deputy President

Marurung Khehla Masemola

He joined the union in 1992. He coordinated the activities of the union in the then Lebowa Police Administration until the structure was officially amalgamated with Polokwane to become what we know as Central Branch where he was elected the Deputy Chairperson of the branch in 1994.

In 1995 he became chairperson of the branch, the position he occupied until the 1998 provincial congress, where he got elected as the Deputy provincial Chairperson. During October 2000 he got co-opted as the acting Provincial chairperson after the NEC took a decision to remove the then Provincial chairperson for having committed a gross misconduct.

In 2001provincial congress he got outvoted and continued to serve the organisation as a disciplined cadre. In 2004 he got elected as the Provincial Chairperson, during his stay as the provincial chair he contributed immensely towards the stability of the province. The organisation became a force to be reckoned with in the provincial politics arena and nationally. Held the position of Provincial Chairperson until the 2017 CEC co-opted him as the 1st Deputy President which remains the position to date.