First Deputy President

Deputy President, Nkosinathi Mabhida First Deputy President

Cde Nkosinathi Mabhida


Cde Nkosinathi Mabhida grew up in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, joined the South African Police in 1988, completed his training in 1989 and started working at Johannesburg Police Station. Living in appalling conditions at the George Goch barracks. It was during this time when he started displaying his leadership qualities when he led a group of Police Officers who were staying in these Barracks, to challenge SAP management and boycotted the catering services.

He was subsequently transferred against his will to the East Rand Area. His militancy forced the authorities to transfer him in 1993 once more to Pietermaritzburg wherein within a reasonable time in 1997 was elected Midlands Branch Deputy ChairpersonHis skilled ability to organise diverse constituent brought about sustained stability in the Province, which threatened to thwart the Union leadership from within. His sharp analytical capabilities resonated into cohesive leadership growth; as a result he was co-opted as the Provincial Chairperson of the interim structure (1999). In 2001 he was overwhelmingly elected KZN Provincial Chairperson.

His organic understanding of mass work rooted the organisation into a beacon of hope amongst rank and file members. Cde Nathi was once more trusted with the organisational mandate in 2004 by being re-elected as the KZN Chairperson. In 2006, the CEC of POPCRU elected him the Deputy President and this was re-affirmed by the 2015 National Congress.

Cde Nathi served as the COSATU PEC member from 1999-2006, he is the COSATU CEC member and a real Bolshevik leader in the SACP structures. He carries the responsibility of Collective Bargaining component of the organisation with great determination and energy. Through his leadership, POPCRU’s contribution in SSSBC became so immense that SSSBC became a very innovative, reputable and financially sustainable entity with profound global appreciation. Equally he leads bargaining team in PSCBC

This lion of the kingdom brought him in a vast organic knowledge and revolutionary philosophy that continues to shape POPCRU to what it is today a titanic movement in the Police. In 1993 he was transferred to Pietermaritzburg where he was elected as Deputy Chairperson of the Midlands Branch in 1997. Cde Mabhida brought stability to the provincial leadership which faced many challenges.

In August 1999 he was co-opted as Provincial Chairperson of the Interim Structure. In 2001, he was elected as the KZN Provincial Chairperson and re-elected to the position in 2004. In 2006, Cde Mabhida was co-opted as Deputy President of POPCRU and has since led the organisation’s crucial collective bargaining component, which is indeed the cornerstone of any trade union. He currently leads the organisation in SSSBC and PSCBC. Cde Mabhida holds a National Diploma in Policing, as well as Motor and Diesel Engineering.

He has chaired many sessions in POPCRU and other forums on behalf of the organisation and also played a major role in ILO Programmes.