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We are delegates drawn from the National Office Bearers [NOBs], Provincial Office Bearers, National and Provincial Negotiators of the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union [POPCRU]. As we committed ourselves to advance our revolutionary agenda, we were joined by delegates from the national leadership of the Alliance, delegates from the South African Communist Party [SACP]; Congress of South African Trade Unions [COSATU] and its progressive affiliates, POPCRU Group of Companies and the former Office Bearers, leadership from the ANC Youth League, the Young Communist League; representatives from progressive International Labour Organizations, from our only World Federation of Trade Unions [WFTU], leadership from Lesotho Police Staff Association [LEPOSA], Botswana Public Employees Union [BOPEU], Lesotho Public Service Staff Association [LEPSSA], Swaziland Democratic Nurses Union [SWADNU], CEO of Safer South Africa Foundation [SSAF], Leading Education Activists from within the Academic circles and Intelligentsia as well as representatives from the Bargaining Councils.

  • We gathered yet again since our last 2nd National Political School convened in August 2013 at Kopanong Conference Centre in Benoni. We met here in Boksburg to revitalise, broaden, and sharpened our political and ideological clarity at this historic POPCRU’s 3rd National Political School from the 09th – 12th of March 2016 under the theme “Transforming the Criminal Justice Cluster in defence of the Working Class struggle for the advancement of the National Democratic Revolution”. With this in mind, it was essential during the deliberations that we highlighted the importance of political education as a significant building bloc to produce a well-rounded Cadre.

We met over four [04] days having in mind that it is not possible to wage a successful revolution without a clear political consciousness conceptualised on the following objectives:

  • Building a revolutionary working class for the attainment of the National Democratic Revolution [NDR];
  • Providing a platform for intensive political and ideological engagements;
  • Instilling responsible political traits with reputable characters among members;
  • Sharpening political understanding and encourage ethos of socialism and
  • Reinvigorating responsive leadership by continuously playing a progressive role within the Alliance.

We reaffirm our commitment to politically empower and educate our leaders and members particularly in this epoch of heightened ideological contestations and we further reaffirm that ideological struggles are an integral component of the working class struggle against capitalism and to transform the immediate conditions of the workers and the poor. This 3rd National Political School was convened precisely as a political empowerment platform in building our ideological capacity and confidence to yield among others the following outcomes:

  • Improved ideological knowledge and understanding of national and international politics affecting the working class and society;
  • Well capacitated leadership with more vigour to progressively advance the National Democratic Revolution;
  • Improved participation on all the activities of the organisation and the Alliance and

A renewed POPCRU with politically conscious leaders who are able to interpret and critique politics using the correct ideology aligned with the organisation’s values.

We were inspired by a revolutionary call by POPCRU President, Zizamele Cebekhulu during his opening address by calling on all of us as leaders and members to go out there in numbers during this year’s Local Government Elections to vote for the ANC. Our inspiration also derived from a presentation by the SACP Central Committee member; Comrade Charles Setsubi outlining an understanding of Maxist-Leninist tools of analysis and their application.

It is our steadfast believe that political education still serve as a new tactic to be used as critical tool to advance and capacitate cadres to fully appreciate a need to improve our nation’s economic trajectory, strengthen our democracy, and avoid an even more stratified and segregated society.

The deliberations and engagements enhanced through a panel comprising of three Professors, viz. Seepe, Fikeni and Friedman. Their articulation enriched delegates to clearly articulate our argument on issues of the impact of globalisation on trade union and to further understand the manner in which it impacts on workplace relations.

The strategies employed by capitalists to weaken the progressive trade union movement to render some pieces of legislation ineffective which seeks to reverse all the gains since the dawn of our democracy.

The President of COSATU clearly expressed and conveyed the fundamental role of the Tripartite Alliance and the importance of continuing to defend this indispensable component of the revolution. The role of trade union movement in advancing the NDR was successfully tackled by another panel, viz. Dr Minyuku, COSATU GS and Mr Mathekga. It is within the same spirit that we reiterate COSATU’s resolution on the scrapping of labour brokers who are the architects of temporary jobs, casualization and retrenchments in the workplace as motive forces to erode trade unionism and worker-unity in the workplace.

We noted that our role as a trade union movement is key in advancing the National Democratic Revolution [NDR] and its fundamental objectives to liberate all of us in particular the working class and the poor from the supremacy of economic exploitation. We further noted that the NDR was and is not about low intensity or formal democracy but participation by majority in the total transformation processes in shaping and uplifting their own lives. Of critical importance for a trade union movement; is to advance, deepen and defend the National Democratic Revolution by continuously strengthening the existence of the Alliance and insuring that the working class takes a lead.

We were inspired by all the other important presentations delivered by Dr Biki Minyuku which augmented the delegates on the understanding of various themes and fields. The 2nd Deputy President of the Federation – Zingiswa Losi, came critical of the issues on intensification of gender struggles in unions and society – the unfinished struggle.

We welcomed a presentation from the World Federation of Trade Unions [WFTU] done by Comrade Nikolas Theodorakis on a journey towards the 17th World Trade Union Congress which will take place in South Africa from the 05th – 08th October 2016 in Durban under the theme ‘Struggle – Internationalism – Unity”.

  • We drew more ideological stimulation on the presentation made by the 2nd Deputy General Secretary of the South African Communist Party – Comrade Solly Mapaila on the forms and content of class struggle. The SACP is a vanguard party of the working class and this will in no way be diminished by its close association with the national liberation front led by the African National Congress [ANC].
  • It is our believe that yet again, this political school has sharpened our ideological view in advancing, mobilizing and fighting for the conditions of work of our membership within all sectors where we organize.
  • We recommit ourselves to work closely with Labour Service Organizations, COSATU and its affiliated Trade Unions, WFTU and the progressive political formations and other like-minded organisations committed to advance Working Class Power within the Sectors where we organize and other sectors of the broader society.
  • We reaffirm that WFTU remains more relevant and is still stable as the international working class-orientated and as a worker-driven radical international movement to fight against the hostilities of the bourgeoisie and the imperialists.
  • The 3rd National Political School, in its aims of a continuous struggle towards politicised, vibrant, militant, vigilant and educated membership towards strengthening the working class power declares:
  • That Unity of the Workers is essential and all efforts should be made to uninterruptedly build it within all our progressive formations.
  • That there is need to develop a National Action Plan to confront and deal with racism and its elements or perpetrators.
  • That unions must take a lead in defending women and advancing their struggles especially on Labour broking where women are mostly exploited;
  • That gender struggles are not women struggles rather gender struggles that are fought within the broader struggle towards the advancement of a National Democratic Revolution;
  • That the National Democratic Revolution is a route towards Socialism and this is the course we have to continue advancing.
  • To reiterate our revolutionary commitment to cascade political education to all our structures and members as a key driver for an advancement of a working class struggle and to promote organisational excellence;
  • To consolidate, unify the federation and built its presence through its own affiliates;
  • To defend and fight against State Owned Enterprises [SOEs] from a class capture by Capitalists;
  • That the SACP remains a progressive vanguard of the workers and the working class;
  • That COSATU should continue to mobilise its progressive affiliates and workers towards the 17th WFTU World Trade Union Congress convening in October 2016 in Durban;
  • We, the delegates represented here at this 3rd National Political School conclude that the discussions, debates and the declaration adopted at this august occasion, the third [3rd] National Political School has provided a vivid reflection of our unity, collaboration and commitment to common principles, values and spirit. The outcomes of this school will be shared and implemented within our ranks, all progressive organisations and in society at large to realise our organisational commitments in advancing political consciousness of the working class and the poor.

Forward with Worker Education!


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