Latest News Recent News — 18 May 2017

DCS special chamber meeting took place yesterday 17th May 2017 and only the following two items were discussed, the employer was not ready to make a presentation on the implementation of 2nd Phase OSD.


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  • Shift system ( Shift pattern) DCS made a presentation on proposed interim shift patterns, the first proposed shift pattern was 10 on 4 8hours shift, where officials will work 9hours including 1hour lunch.  The second proposed shift pattern was 10 on 4 9hours shift, where members will work for 10 hours that includes 1hour lunch.  We wanted to state that as POPCRU these shift patterns were proposed in 2012 and we rejected them.  the shifts have the following shortcomings, they require more personnel, they require us to sign the averaging agreement and require transport for officials who perform night duty.  We have taken the employer’s proposal to our principals for mandate, we will have an update as soon as we’ve received mandate from the principals and the entire POPCRU members.
  • 2nd Group of 2008.  POPCRU requested the employer for an update on this long outstanding matter and the employer’s response was so shocking, stating that he regards this matter as finalised because he is in possession of a labour court judgement, that states that our comrades are correctly renumerated.  We are in consultation with our legal department to take this matter to the Labour Appeal Court since DCS has reneged in their promise to resolve this matter outside the courts.  We will update members on the developments of this case.



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