Latest News — 27 May 2015

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) notes the continuous parole applications made by Clive Derby-Lewis, one of the assassins of the late South African Communist Party (SACP) General Secretary Comrade Chris Hani.

This deed, even after 22 years, continues to remind us all of the instability and a possible civil war Comrade Chris Hani’s untimely death could have sparked, which would have possibly robbed us of our hard earned democratic dispensation, a decisive moment which afforded us equal rights as we continue in pursuing economic emancipation against the evil system of capitalism dominant in our society.

For so long as Derby-Lewis refuses to speak out on whom they were working with or for, what motivated the assassination and in whose interests was it committed, we will continue to reiterate the SACP’s call that he must rot in jail, regardless of what he suffers from.

So long as the Hani family and a majority of South Africans are in the dark about events leading to that fateful morning in 1993, he might as well forget about spending a single day as a free man.

We feel that if the man is serious about finding peace, he should avoid using pseudonyms which belong to other patients and come clean, an important step in bringing us closer to the truth. This will go well in guaranteeing him a sigh of relief in his remaining days.


Issued by POPCRU on 27/05/2015


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