General — 25 Apr 2014

The country’s biggest union in the Criminal Justice Cluster, POPCRU calls upon all workers to join the Alliance march on April 26 in Durban in support of the ANC ahead of the May 7 polls. The national elections are days away and the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union encourages all workers to take advantage of this gathering to voice their support for the ANC. There have been many voices in the public discourse discouraging South Africans from voting the ANC back into power, and we have been adamant that these voices are nothing more than a group of disgruntled individuals who seek to detract the ANC from its progressive vision for South Africa.

The march is therefore vital for the ANC led alliance as there is a need to demonstrate the unwavering support for the movement by the working class. POPCRU is confident that workers will come out en masse to march through the streets of Durban this coming Saturday to bring an end to the imprudent campaigns which have been launched against the ANC, COSATU and the SACP. The African National Congress has an unparalleled 20-year success record and it is upon these gains that we are actively campaigning for workers to support the ANC. In the South Africa of today, workers boast many rights and benefits as a result of this movement which continues to prioritise the needs of workers and the poor.

POPCRU urges its 160  000 members to join thousands others this coming Saturday as we paint Durban red and guarantee an overwhelming victory for the ANC come May 7. We plead with workers and all South Africans to vote the ANC in memory of our departed heroes Madiba and Chris Hani. Vote ANC!

Issued by POPCRU on 24 April 2013

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