Latest News — 24 May 2015

The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) notes the statement attributed to one Thobile Ntola of SAPSU, a corrupt and disgraced former South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) leader who exited bitterly from a position he abused after being found guilty on several charges of corruption.

Ntola’s psychological orientation has degenerated to an ultimate low, with him and his ilk hell-bent on disregarding and attempting to destroy the very rules that govern our democratic Unions, this has been demonstrated by his minimal understanding or undermining of Organisational rules and regulations.

To really grasp the essence of his obsession and bitterness, one can only detect from the manner in which he hastily felt the urge to launch the so called SAPSU, all with the aim of venting his anger towards those who implemented constitutionally recognised disciplinary actions against him, but also to please his handlers who dismally failed to weaken COSATU internally.

For Ntola to allege that there was a well-orchestrate crisis to liquidate and weaken COSATU for a particular elite to secure and enjoy positions in the state and elsewhere smacks of ignorance to the widely known reality that it is in fact his ilk that have had sleepless nights in trying to weaken COSATU through poaching members outside their sectors. It is no secret by now that those who have been working hard to weaken COSATU are just self-serving careerists who wanted to climb to the highest echelons of our country using the federation as a spring board.

The fact that he feels it is his birth-right to lead has unfortunately led him to a point of no return, a point where he will do anything to bring down and lie about the genuine struggles the Public Sector Unions within COSATU have been engaged in over the past 8 months.

For us, a teacher who lives in a multi-million house through abusing his former position should refrain from thinking members will blindly follow him into his self-styled SAPSU micro Union that is no more than a money making scheme to continue funding his lavish lifestyle. The best he could do is to return to class, that should afford him sufficient time to have some self-introspection.

As a basic principle, within our unions members are consistently taken on board and consulted on wage negotiations. Not a single decision is taken on their behalf without their concern.

We call on all workers to be wary of all these characters who claim to be saviours of workers whilst being divisive in their character. For the past 30 years COSATU has held the interests of workers as a priority, and it still continues in that regard.


Issued by POPCRU on 22/05/2015


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