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POPCRU 2nd National Policy Conference Declaration
25th to 27th July 2014
St. George Hotel in Irene, Tshwane

Theme “Consolidating the Working Class Power within the Criminal Justice”

POPCRU Delegates to the 2nd National Policy Conference coming from all nine Provinces, representing Institutions organised within the South African Police Services, Correctional Services and Traffic Departments met over the three days in St George Hotel at Irene in Gauteng Province, resolute under the theme: “21 Years of Consolidating the Working Class Power within the Criminal Justice”. The conference was blessed by the presence and full contribution of the African National Congress [ANC] represented by Comrade Zizi Kodwa, the South African Communist Party [SACP] represented by Central Committee Member Cde Charles Setsubi, Congress of South African Trade Unions [COSATU] represented by its President Sdumo Dlamini and representatives of various progressive affiliates within the federation. We were also blessed by the presence of the International Guests from LEPOSA in Lesotho and BOPEU in Botswana.

We are united in the diversity of our organisational composition and hereby adopt this declaration as our collective message to the POPCRU membership and the broader society to take the organisation forward towards the eighth [08th] National Congress and beyond. At the outset of convening the 2nd National Policy Congress, we subscribed to specific and strategic organisational responsibilities:

 Extending our engagements on the core challenges confronting us in the current conjuncture;
 Assessing the current balance of forces to march towards achieving the National Democratic Revolution;
 Consolidation of the collective leadership and organisational capability of building unity and cohesion internally and within the federation; and
 Consolidating all the gains to improve the quality of lives and excellent working conditions of the working class in general and the members within the Criminal Justice.

We pay to tribute and accolades to our forebears who worked tirelessly and relentlessly to build this gigantic organisation into a powerful apparatus of deliverance, encompassed our open and honest debates, conducted in the spirit of convincing each other and allowing ourselves to be convinced on policy reviews and enhancement. We engaged in enthusiastic and searching debates on the persistence of the legacy of apartheid colonialism, reflected in the triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment.

We restate our explicit pledge to the vision of a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and sovereign South Africa. This includes the guarantee of the fundamental human rights of all citizens in South Africa, reinforced by an entrenched Bill of Rights. Inspired by the 7th National Congress theme, we reviewed the progress made on implementation of organisational policies since the 7th National Congress in 2011 and what needs to happen towards the building of a transformed South Africa from POPCRU’s policy perspective. We are mindful that this 2nd Policy conference rises on the threshold of the twenty fifth [25th] of our glorious movement. We are deeply aware of the historical obligations that this imposes on us to unashamedly implement our resolutions and our movement has the resilience to magnificently survive all forms of challenges.

We hereby declare that moving towards the 8th National Congress in 2015, we commit to thrash out and align the draft policies that emerged from this Conference. We will be implementing our long determined programme of organisational renewal to safeguard POPCRU’s core values and build its transformative capacity as a strategic centre of power and driver of fundamental change. We arrived here with different perspectives on a number of issues and return back with an unbreakable unity of purpose and a single-minded focus on ensuring that our adored and cherished organisation continues to be a loyal servant of its membership, a dynamic leader within the sectors we operate and an effective movement for transformation.

We emerge from the 2nd National Conference having reiterated our firm principle and persuasion that POPCRU’s culture of vibrant internal democracy enhances our unity of purpose rather than being a source of division and internal wrangle and unnecessary skirmishes. The strategic focus of the 2nd National Conference was to tackle the organisational policy reviews and closing gaps on the following aspects:

 Strengthening POPCRU towards the 8th National Congress [POPCRU’s Political Posture and all related political aspects];
 Review the experiences of the past 24 years of selfless struggle within the security environment in order to draw lessons for the future.
 Identify the POPCRU’s strengths and weaknesses including priorities for organisational renewal in order to reposition our organisation as we commence the revolutionary journey towards the twenty-fifth anniversary.
 International Relations Policy;
 All Human Resource Management Policies;
 Communication & IT Policies; and
 Constitutional Amendments.

At the core of the above, should be a united and revolutionary POPCRU and the broader Alliance formations that are rooted amongst the people and have a committed, conscientious, competent, disciplined and capable force of cadres. As we advance towards achieving a National Democratic Society, we reiterate our total support for the Tripartite Alliance with high elevation of Unity, revolutionary morality and selfless commitment to deliver for the working class and South African society. The outcome of this Conference will be accordingly shaped through and presented to the Central Executive Committee in November 2014 for final endorsement by the eighth [8th] National Congress in June 2015.

We therefore, conclude that the discussions, debates and the declaration adopted at this second historic National Policy Conference has provided an intense reflection of our strategic positioning towards the 8th national Congress and beyond and a commitment to common principles, values and spirit. The outcome of this Conference will be shaped through and presented in the Central Executive Committee in November 2014 for final endorsement by the 8th National Congress in June 2015.
Forward with 25 Years of Consolidating the Working Class Power within the Criminal Justice!

Justice for All!!!!
A POPCRU Member is our priority!


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