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We delegates from 09 Provinces representing more than 160 000 members from all institutions organised within the SAPS, DCS. We met over the past four [04] days in Protea Hotel, The Range – Limpopo Province, mandated by the membership to comply with clause 11.1 of POPCRU Constitution in this second highest structure of – The Central Executive Committee [CEC]. The CEC was resolute under the theme: “25 Years of Consolidating the Working Class Power within the Criminal Justice”.

We were blessed by the presence of the founder members of POPCRU, the Management of PGC led by its CEO, the Congress of South African Trade Unions [COSATU] represented by its President Sidumo Dlamini, South African Communist Party [SACP] represented by Central Committee Member, Comrade George Mashamba, Presidents of CEPPWAWU and NUM, General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary of SADTU, International Guests from LEPOSA in Lesotho and BOPEU in Botswana, DCS represented by Acting National Commissioner, Zachariah Modise and CBRTA represented by its CEO, Sipho Khumalo

We are united in the diversity of our organizational composition and hereby adopt this declaration as our collective message to the POPCRU membership and the broader society to take the organisation forward towards the eighth [08th] National Congress and beyond. As we celebrate our 25th Anniversary on the 5th of November 2014, we are determined under our Slogan “A POPCRU Member is our priority” to consolidate working Class hegemony at all workplaces, at the community level and all fronts. We are coming out of this august occasion with vigour and determination as we approach our 8th National Congress in 2015 in KwaZulu Natal. We re-affirm and subscribed to the key strategic organizational objective, namely:

 Deepening of engagements on the core challenges confronting us in the current conjuncture in delivering quality membership services;
 Assessing the current balance of forces to march towards achieving a socialist future;
 Strengthening of the collective leadership and capacity to build unity with trade unions within the public service, private in the country and beyond our borders;
 Consolidating all the gains to improve the quality of lives and excellent working conditions of the working class in general and the members within the Criminal Justice.

Robust deliberations this CEC confirmed that we are geared up together to ensure that the unity of the Working Class is sacrosanct and that together we move South Africa forward. The CEC took note and welcomed positive results of the 5th National General Elections in May 2014 and appreciate the 62% voters which returned the ANC back into office as an acceptable and popular mandate. We further appreciate the confidence that the people of South Africa continue to show in the ANC led government. We commit ourselves to working even harder with other very closely with the ANC and making tangible progressive affiliates to ensure another overwhelming victory in the 2016 Local Government Elections.

We recognize that this 2014 CEC is convened as a strategic platform to jog our memory back to the past 25 years of our history and the journey that still lies ahead. The CEC concedes that the National Democratic Revolution remains the shortest route to socialism and should be pursued with vigour.

WE ARE INDEED 25 YEARS OLD. This CEC reminded us that we endure our struggle within the Public Service inspired by our fallen heroes and heroines of struggle in the frame of Nomhle Pretty Shuping-Singonzo, Violet Seboni, Elijah Bharayi, Matthew Goniwe, Solomon Mahlangu, Chris Thembisile Hani, Joe Slovo, Oliver Reginald Tambo, and Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela and the list is endless who, in their own individual way, symbolised the people`s pursuit for Freedom, Equality and Justice for All.

These were heroes, heroines and gallant fighters of the movement that led the way, fought hard battles and presented themselves to us and the world as selfless and dedicated to the course of struggle. As we march out of this historic anniversary of our struggle, we declare that socialism is the future as it guarantees sustainable development and deconstruct the exploitation of one man by another and will end poverty and misery in the world. We reaffirm that we are committed in Unisom to ensure that the resolutions endorsed and adopted by the COSATU’s November 2013 Central Executive Committee are fully implemented. We strongly believe that the unity of the Federation can no longer be compromised to advance the ultra-left agenda.

We re-affirm the Alliance as the only reliable structure that has the potential to advance the NDR and to mobilise the entire society towards attaining the National Democratic Society. The unity of POPCRU, COSATU, ANC and SACP is sacrosanct. We commit ourselves to ensure that we mobilise our communities and the society to gear up for the 2016 Local Government Elections and to ensure that the ANC remains and win in numbers. Energetic deliberations and vigorous engagements ensued in the Commissions and at the plenary sessions. We therefore resolve:

 To condemn the fracas of super-union mentality displayed within the federation.
 To strengthen the unity of POPCRU towards the 8th National congress.
 We must take a lead in building the South African Communist Party & ensure that it gets its ultimate home [SACP House].
 That the unity of the federation must be strengthened and that it is the only capable instrument of fighting for the socio-economic rights of all workers in the country.
 To work with all the progressive affiliates within COSATU to rebuild the united and strong federation.
 To develop initiatives to rescue other affiliates who are dependent on NUMSA and to ensure that they are aligned to the fundamental principles of the federation.
 To fully support the ANC during the upcoming Local Government elections in 2016.
 To continuously engage and work with Local Government deployees to make comprehensive service delivery reports available ahead of the 2016 local government elections.

 To further engage the ANC at the local government level to go back to communities on challenges raised during the 2014 General Elections.
 To work closely with progressive community formations such as SANCO to ensure a decisive ANC victory in these elections.

We therefore, conclude that the discussions, debates and the declaration adopted at this Central Executive Committee provided an intense reflection of our strategic positioning towards the 8th national Congress and beyond and a commitment to common principles, values and spirit.

Forward with 25 Years of Consolidating the Working Class Power within the Criminal Justice!

Justice for All!!!!


A POPCRU Member is our priority.


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