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POPCRU hosted its last National Executive Committee meeting preceding the Central Executive Committee [CEC] this past weekend from the 11th to 12th October 2014. The scheduled meeting discussed various matters of importance to the organisation and its 158 000 members. The NEC also offered the organisation’s leadership an opportunity to reflect on the year and analyse the challenges which were faced along the way in its efforts to advance the aspirations of the Mass Democratic Movement. The union conceded that the country’s political sphere is highly compounded and highly intoxicated by negativity and needs for organisations of POPCRU’s stature to rise up and give a clear and true picture based on the ideology and principles that guide us.

Organisational Matters:

• CEC: The NEC endorsed the organisation’s plans ahead of the Central Executive Committee which will be hosted at the Ranch Hotel in Polokwane, Limpopo from the 2nd to the 5th of November 2014. The CEC will be addressed by leaders from the three institutions where we organise as well as Alliance leaders. The CEC will be followed by the 25th anniversary celebrations of the union at the same venue on the 5th.

• Membership: POPCRU is concerned about the en mass resignations from the Public Service due to fears over the direction of the Government Employees Pension Fund. This has affected the organisation’s mission to reach a 180 000 threshold in membership figures before its 8th Congress next June. POPCRU further resolved to engage in a nation-wide programme to educate our members about the proposed changes to the government pension fund together with the GEPF.

• Political Schools: The work of Provinces in the organisation and hosting of political schools in their various quarters was applauded by the NEC. It was further resolved that these should filter down to the grass-roots levels where our members are to ensure a coherent understanding of the organisation’s principles and general knowledge about the Mass Democratic Movement as well as the direction we want the country to take. The schools are a great platform which exposes leaders to ideologies and issues of socialism.

• ICPRA: The NEC congratulated the union’s 1st Deputy-General Secretary, Thandi Shimange on her appointment to the leadership of the International Council of Police Representative Associations. ICPRA is an international network of police unions which was started by the Canadian Police Association in 1996 and boasts a total membership base of 1.5 million people.

National Matters:

• Public Protector: The NEC recognises the role and importance of the Public Protector and her office. However following recent events which are indicative of her meddling ways in the politics of the country, with emphasis on the manner in which she handled the Nkandla matter, POPCRU supports the motion that says Advocate Thuli Madonsela should be dismissed from that office. We are highly concerned about the misapplication of the powers bestowed on the office of the Public Protector by the constitution of the land.

• Violent Protests: The organisation condemns the spate of violent protests in various communities across the country. While we appreciate the right of individuals to express their frustrations, we appeal with all South Africans to respect the law and the state’s properties which have been installed for the betterment of their communities.

COSATU and the ANC:

• Elections: POPCRU acknowledges and appreciates the overall win of the ANC in the May elections and notes the slight decline. The NEC commits to working harder in the lead-up to the 2016 elections to ensure a victory for the African National Congress. The NEC also agreed that members and leaders of the union should continue to swell the ranks of the alliance.

• Young Workers: It was resolved that there is a critical need to mobilise young workers into the union and the Alliance at large. The revival of the ANC Youth League is key to this resolution in order to ensure that young workers vote the ANC.

• COSATU GS: The union distances itself from utterances made by the COSATU General Secretary, Zwelinzima Vavi on the findings of the Public Protector against President Jacob Zuma. Media reports state the GS is in support of Madonsela and went further to say the President should pay what he owed or challenge Madonsela’s findings in court for the upgrades to his Nkandla home. This is not the official position on COSATU on the matter. We further discourage the GS from uttering sentiments which are not in line with resolutions taken in COSATU structures.

• COSATU: POPCRU has once again reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring that the unity of COSATU is preserved during the current challenging period in the federation and beyond.

   E-Tolls: The union does not support the planned march by COSATU during which the public will be encouraged to burn e-tags      and e-toll bills. POPCRU believes the federation is in this instance calling on citizens to resort to anarchy. We have witnessed in    the recent past protesters torching buildings and cars in order to register their discontent, and we believe this call by COSATU        will be deemed as encouragement by those who want to perpetuate criminality through protests.

International Matters:

• BRICS: The NEC resolved that the survival and stability of BRICS needs to be supported and defended at all times. It also called on all parties in the block to intensify interaction through regular meetings and conferences. We also agreed that BRICS needs to establish a Security Council which will intervene militarily should there be challenges in the block.

• AU: The African Union should be strengthened as it is currently the only avenue through which we can keep imperialists out of African affairs. The South African government should also continue to work hard to ensure the country is defended from outside forces which may seek to destabilise the country.

• Cuba: POPCRU strengthens its call for the release of the Cuban 5. We also call on other civil society organisations to continue its campaigns against the imperialist state of the United States in order to lift the economic blockade on Cuba and other progressive countries.

Issued by POPCRU 13/10/2014

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