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POPCRU’s action against appauling conditions within the SAPS training academies

POPCRU is disheartened by awful conditions experienced by the trainees at Kimberly and Tshwane academies. A series of undesirable conditions at these academies include, among others, poor nutrition, unequal treatment, non-payment of stipends for some trainees and non-medical cover.

These conditions dismally contravene the key objective of the training, which is to equip trainees with both legal and policing skills to protect and serve members of communities in terms of the Constitution of South Africa, 1996 (Act No 108 of 1996) as it is almost impossible to produce a pool of well-trained police officers under such appalling circumstances.

This horrifying situation necessitated POPCRU, as a leading trade union within the SAPS, to engage in picketing to table the following demands:

Non-payment of stipends
A total of 545 trainees did not receive stipends over two consecutive months because of administrative incompetency within the Human Resource Management and Recruitment Office (HRMRO). This challenge has adversely affected the well-being of the affected members as they struggle to purchase their basic needs. This has consequently exacerbated the inhuman conditions the trainees are already subjected to. We therefore demand that unpaid stipends must be settled with immediate effect.

Inhumane Living Conditions
We are gravely concerned with the fact that some academies are overcrowded and do not have hot running water; trainees are therefore compelled to bath with cold water. This challenge is a gross violation of our members’ human rights; hence we demand this crisis must be resolved as a matter of urgency.

Lack of proper nutrition
The standard of nutrition at the academies varies significantly; subsequently, some of the trainees are provided with unpalatable meals which compromise their health.
The variance herein must be addressed immediately, thereby ensuring the provision of a similar nutritional standard for all trainees.

Non-provision of Medical Aid
Lack of medical aid for the trainees serves as clear evidence that the SAPS does not care about the well-being of our members at an entry-level. Our demand here is that all trainees must be put on POLMED medical aid scheme immediately to ensure that their well-being is well taken care of.

Incorrect Placement of Reservists
Reservists within the SAPS are incorrectly placed; resulting in a number of frustrations for members in this category.
Correct placement of reservist trainees

  • Duration of reservist training and accreditation

Investigation process for HRMRO
Human Resources Management and Recruitment Office (HRMRO) has proven to be incompetent. This office also demonstrated lack of support and care for the current group of trainees. We then demand that the (HRMRO) be investigated and held accountable for the presented challenges.

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