The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU), led by its 2nd Deputy President Bonny Marekwa, will be renovating the Kleinvlei Police Station in Khayelitsha, Western Cape as part of commemorating the annual Nelson Mandela day.

The exercise POPCRU will be taking is particularly important in ensuring the infrastructural integrity of our police stations as important points within which community members receive services is maintained.

The uneven allocation of resources across our police stations have been a hindrance to the provision of satisfactory service to our communities, and as part of fostering good working relations between police and members of the community, POPCRU has identified this particular station as befitting for upgrades.

Our structures and community members will be painting, flooring, roofing, paving and gardening on the day, which will include new installations to the infrastructure.

As we join the rest of the world in celebrating the legacy of our former statesman, a revolutionary whose selfless attributes continue to usher inspiration of hope, peace and equality to all noble people the globe over, our focus will be on ensuring we bring the people of Kleinvlei together in commonly working with law enforcement agencies in fighting gangsterism in the area.

The renovation of the police station will improve working conditions and service delivery to the surrounding community, and bring back dignity to both the station and community in taking the fight against crime forward.

These renovations will take place as follows;

Date: Thursday, 18 July 2019

Time: 09h00 am- 16h00

Venue: Kleinvlei Police Station, Khayelitsha, Western Cape

Media and the public are hereby invited to cover and participate in the event.


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