The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) calls on all its members and the general public to take the future of South Africa into their hands by going out in their numbers to vote for a decisive African National Congress (ANC) tomorrow, 8th of May 2019 in the national and provincial elections.

Since our democratic breakthrough 25 years ago, and through the challenges our country has faced,  in comparison to other political parties, it is quite clear that there is no other party except the ANC which can take South Africa forward in defending fundamental labour rights such as collective bargaining and freedom of association, though more should be done.

Though we might not have at all times been satisfied with the ANC over a variety of issues, its record of successes in building a democratic South Africa and improving the lives of the majority are incomparable to any other parties’  policy objectives; mostly aimed at reversing the gains made over this 25-year period.

Our opinion about voting for the ANC is shaped by its agenda which is being pursued, and unambiguously based on addressing the plight of the working people. We are clear that elections are not a neutral process outside the liberation struggle as they happen within a particular historical context of colonialism and apartheid.

They are instead a continuation of struggle to access and utilise state power to address fundamental and interrelated contradictions of racial dominations, gender oppression and class exploitation. They are about the relationship between class struggle and state power, whereby each class constantly seeks state power because invested in such power is monopoly over police, the army and intelligence structures which can be used for repressive purposes. State power also guarantees that the class that wields it has access to national productive resources and to determine their use. So voting means a continued access to state power to advance the National Democratic Revolution as a direct route to socialism or the discontinuation of that process. 

The struggle to build a new and better South Africa  that is painted in the Freedom Charter cannot be won by DA leaders who benefitted from the unequal and unjust apartheid dictatorship, which is responsible for the high levels of unemployment, poverty, inequality and lack of service delivery which still affect our communities today. 

As workers history and international experience has taught us to look beyond the challenges of the movement and never to be blinded by our anger and give Political Power to our class enemy.

Given the challenges of unemployment, inequality, poverty and hunger, we are likely to be caught and blinded by anger and end up dropping our guards and forget that we are involved in a class struggle which we conduct under conditions which are not of our own choosing.

It is easy to forget that the victories we have secured under COSATU and as the workers were not as a result of our strength only, but we have secured   these victories working with the ANC led democratic government, a government that we are able to influence through debate and through protest action at the same time.  We may have to imagine for a second as to whether the victories we have secured would have been possible under the DA government and from other opposition parties.

Workers of this country will Vote the ANC because they can point out to the tangible gains won and secured under the ANC government.

There are many qualitative changes which have been effected by the ANC government that has benefited the working class such as the amendments of the Labour legislations in order to further strengthen workers’ rights, defend fundamental labour gains such as collective bargaining and freedom of association.

Our POPCRU NOBs will be voting tomorrow as such;

  • President Zizamele Cebekhulu: Norkem Park, Kempton Park (11h00)
  • 1st Deputy President Khehla Masemola: Eureka Project School, Lebowakgomo, Limpopo (08h00)
  • 2nd Deputy President Bonny Marekwa: Ward 4 Sol Plaatjie Subregion, Kimberley (7h00)
  • General Secretary Nkosinathi Theledi: Norkem Park, Kempton Park (18h00)
  • 1st Deputy General Secretary Rankele Msinto: Badelia Primary School, Welkom (08h00)
  • 2nd Deputy Secretary Nomalanga Mabokela: Voted on the 6th May in the NW province
  • Treasure-General Thulani Nsele: Glen Marais, Kempton Park (10h00)

We call on all our members and the public to come out in their numbers and vote for a decisive ANC victory in defence of our gains and in pursuit of the national democratic revolution.

Issued by POPCRU on 07/05/2019


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