We, the members and employees of the South African Police Services, Correctional Services and Traffic Services, recognise the civil and basic human rights of all people in South Africa including those employed in the services of South African Police Services, Correctional Services and the Traffic Department. We recognise further that such basic human rights are fundamental rights worthy of enhancement and protection, and we are as such committed to the creation and development of a security establishment, which is the just expression of the will of the people. A system, which will reflect co-operation between our members and the community in an effort to truly serve and protect all members of our society.

We therefore, declare our commitment to co-operate and to work with members of the community and any other progressive mindede sections of the community so as to build a security system that will protect and serve the interest of all South Africans. We, therefore,adopt this constitution and in so doing dedicate ourselves to the establishment of a security service free of all discrimination,racial bias, sexism, repression or any other form of discrimination and to the establishment of an impartial and effective service.