Collective Barganing

HOD Collective Bargaining – Oupa SebiloaneĀ email:

This Department deals with the Bread and Butter issues for our membership from Salary Negotiations for all sectors within which the organization operates, represents the organization at Bargaining Councils (PSCBC,SSSBC, GPSSBC/DBC, Traffic and Private Prisons).We also assist in addressing with improvement of the conditions of service for our membership and lastly participate on behalf of the organization at Parliament Portfolio Committees and NEDLAC. It is led by POPCRU Deputy President. Its Collective Bargaining strategic Objectives are;

  • Transformation and Improvement of Conditions of Service in relevant sectors
  • Streamlining and Streamlining negotiations in relevant sectors
  • Engage with the strategic direction of the employer
  • Establishment of effective of effective Research, Monitoring and Policy Review Process
  • Strengthen Bargaining Structures at lower level of the Union
  • Implementation of Bargaining Conference Resolutions


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