The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) would like to appeal with all its members in the South African Police Service and Traffic Department to remember their call to service as they work hard to ensure the safety of all South Africans this Easter weekend. This time of the year is always met with jubilation and a spirit of gratitude as millions of Christians across the country remember the sacrifice made by their Lord Jesus Christ. It is in this light that POPCRU not only urges its members to remember their core values but also appeals with all citizens to prioritise human life above anything else.

Year after year, the Traffic Department reports back to the country about the preventable deaths on our roads during this holiday period. They also always record that the accidents which claim the lives of motorists, passengers and pedestrians could have been prevented had everyone obeyed the rules of the road and taken extra care. We encourage members of the community to not focus on evading road blocks but death and destruction. Driving un-roadworthy cars will result in the loss of both the lives of the people in the vehicle and innocent bystanders, and so does driving under the influence of alcohol.

POPCRU urges those travelling to different destinations to be cautious and patient as cars begin queuing on the various provincial and national roads. As per norm, pilgrims travelling to Moria in Limpopo will be heading to the N1 North and it is advised that motorists should keep that in mind.

The organisation humbly requests all religious groupings to pray for the upcoming elections on May 7 as they gather in various churches and temples.  The success of the 5th National election is dependent on every South African and the Christian community is encouraged to prioritise that. As an affiliate of COSATU, POPCRU also urges all South Africans to remember that there is only one political party capable of leading the country to greater heights, and that is the ANC. POPCRU wants to also remind the public of the human blood that was shed for every citizen to be able to take to the polls despite their race and class. The organisation is disappointed with those described as ANC stalwarts who have made it their cause to call on South Africans to betray the sacrifices made by those who are no longer with us by not voting. We believe this campaign will not yield any positive results for either the greater citizenry or our hard-won democracy. We regard their message which encourages people not to vote the ANC or to spoil their votes as counter-democracy and plead with all our members to turn a deaf ear to these destructive messages.

Happy Easter!

Issued by POPCRU on 17/04/2014


The Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union (POPCRU) is deeply concerned about the violent service delivery protests that have led to the vandalism of public and private property. In two recent incidents,  protesters from Boitumelong and Cavandale townships in the North West have set alight a community hall, nine houses, one belonging to a police officer and petrol bombed a police Nyala.

South Africa is a democratic country and therefore every member of the public has the right to demonstrate, but the public needs to be reminded that the right to protest comes with a responsibility. Yesterday President Jacob Zuma also added his voice and condemned these violent protests. He said the government had intensified its service delivery mandate by prioritising key basic needs.  It is disturbing  that protesting community members vandalise public facilities which are meant to provide them with services and later on blame the government for a lack of service delivery. As a civil  rights union, POPCRU understands the public’s concerns and is more than willing to work hand in hand with communities, to ensure that their issues are addressed through proper channels.

However, we cannot sit back when public facilities are destroyed and the lives of general members of the public including our members are exposed to dangers posed by unruly  protesters.

POPCRU applauds its members who arrested more than 100 people for public violence and damage to property. We further appeal to the National Prosecuting Authority to ensure that those who have committed these crimes don’t walk away freely but face the might of the law. POPCRU wishes its hospitalised members who sustained injuries while clashing with protesters a speedy recovery.

Issued by POPCRU 09/04/2014

Theto Mahlakoana

Media & Communications Officer

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